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Babolat Counter Vertuo 2023 is the perfect choice for experienced counterattacking players. The hybrid carbon and fiberglass frame, combined with the black EVA rubber core, offers exceptional precision on every shot. Weighing just 350 grams, it is light and easy to handle for faster and more responsive gaming. Customizable with interchangeable strap for a touch of unique style.

With materials such as black EVA rubber inside and soft fiber on the surface, it offers power and comfort in every shot. They are elastic, soft and flexible materials to cushion sudden blows and make the ball bounce with quality in low speed receptions. You get a comfortable and pleasant shot with a good exit. It will be easier to counterattack your opponent with materials that allow you not to have to use all your strength in every blow.

Accompanied by surfaces made with 3D Spin technology with a raised finish to have better contact and be able to better work the effects given to the ball in each shot.

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