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The Drop Shot Explorer 5.0 racket with teardrop shape uses Cork Layer technology and perfectly dampens vibrations during shots. It also combines carbon with Eva Pro rubber to become a versatile racket. Player Profile: Designed for intermediate to advanced players who need a high-quality product that can handle all facets of their game.

  • A channel in the handle of the shovel, where a piece of silicone with a 2mm coating of superabsorbent cork is inserted, to reduce vibrations precisely in the area where the player takes the racket. Drop Shot blades, with this technology, allow you to enjoy a safer and more fun game
  • The anti-vibration system, which combined with the other systems we provide, make our rackets ideal for players who suffer from chronic injuries. It consists of a sheet of cork positioned in the grip area, thus preventing vibrations from reaching the player's hand
  • 3D rhombic-shaped texture, designed exclusively by Drop Shot, to give greater effect to the ball in shots where the ball should have maximum effect, specially designed for players who are aggressive in their game.
  • System of distribution of the holes on the face of the blade, in a curved, progressive way and which provides for a better development of the mechanical forces at the moment of the shot, helping to give effect to the ball and improving the reduction of vibrations.
  • Drop Shot uses Plain Carbon to make its tubulars combining it with Hotmelt technology and 3K carbon fabric, to make the faces of the Expertline and Proline range rackets with excellent playability and extra resistance.
  • Eva Pro, whose main property is shock absorption, providing greater elasticity and greater mechanical memory, as well as greater control over the shots of hard-hitting players. Drop Shot rackets made with EVA PRO have greater durability, a better finish and excellent vibration absorption.
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