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Drop Shot Ionic is the padel racket that provides extra power with every shot, thus allowing more advanced players a controlled but fast game with great performance.

  • Low density core rubber that offers great elasticity and lightness, to provide greater power and ensure great comfort in the game. This also results in a longer life of the racket and excellent vibration absorption.
  • Double carbon tubular which increases the rigidity of the frame and its durability.
  • Flat bidirectional carbon fabric with 12,000 filaments per strand, very thin, flexible and strong, providing maximum strength.
  • Curved and progressive hole distribution system that optimizes the impact area, helping to give spin to the ball and improving vibration reduction.
  • 3D diamond shape texture that provides more spin to the ball, specially designed for aggressive players.
  • Lightweight, high-strength nylon protector that adheres without piercing and protects against possible impacts on the floor or against the wall.
  • Anti-vibration system, made with a sheet of cork and incorporated into the handle, which prevents vibrations from reaching the player's hand.
  • Optimization of the impact area and ball exit effect.
  • Silicone channel with a 2mm superabsorbent cork lining incorporated into the racket grip which reduces annular vibrations.
  • Extra fine and flat carbon with 24,000 filaments per line, strong and flexible, accentuating maximum control and excellent power.
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Eva Soft


100% Carbon


12K carbon


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