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The Head Speed ​​MP Black Limited 2023 racket offers the best of versatility with an improved playing feel. The Auxetic construction improves the sensitivity of the ball, while the black and white finishes emphasize its modernity and elegance. Ideal for versatile baseline players, this model with a balance of 32 cm and a weight of 300 grams offers an optimal balance between stability and maneuverability.

This Head Speed ​​MP 2023 racket is designed for a wide range of players thanks to its great versatility! From the baseline player to the volleyball player, without forgetting the touch player, this MP version is the must to find the best compromise between power, control and sensations.

The advantages


This is definitely one of the best rackets on the market in terms of versatility. The compromise between control and power is perfectly balanced. Very maneuverable, comfortable and forgiving, this Speed ​​MP 2022 also offers exceptional ball sensitivity.


It offers excellent stability thanks to a number of technologies. During powerful shots, the racket does not wobble and manages to perfectly reproduce the sensations of the game.


Thanks to Auxetic technology, Head has improved the sensation when hitting the ball, making it exceptional.

Technologies of the Head Speed ​​MP Black Limited 2023 racket


New construction, implemented on the plate of the racket, which offers a better sensation at impact even when the ball does not hit the sweet spot perfectly. Thanks to the new Auxetic technology, players will have greater sensitivity and confidence in the game.

Speed ​​Scheme

The uniform string pattern was specifically designed to deliver power without sacrificing control.

Directional drilling

Directional drilling technology optimizes the sweetspot for increased power and impeccable feel at impact.

Graphene inside

Strategically placed in most of our rackets, graphene strengthens the frame, offers greater stability and optimizes energy transfer from the racket to the ball.

Speed ​​Beam

The aerodynamic profile of the frame optimizes the movement, speed and power of the racket for a perfect combination of sensations and comfort

Power eyelets

Widened Power Grommets maximize string movement for more power.

Brand name Head
Product line Speed
Game level Intermediate - Advanced
Dominant 1 Versatility
Dominant 2 Sensation
Weight without strings 300g
Equilibrium 32cm
String diagram 16x19
String plate 645cm²
Age Adult
Strung / Unstrung NOT STRONGED
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