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The power of this model is impressive:
- The large 716 cm² stringbed accentuates the trampoline effect to return maximum energy to the ball without requiring too much physical effort from the player.
- The 24mm profile is thinner than the KI Q+15 and KI Q+30 for more control.
- The 32cm balance combined with a 285g weight makes it easy to accelerate the racket head to overwhelm your opponents from any position on the court!

The 16x19 string pattern helps with spin and optimizes the ability to spin the ball, keeping power shots within the court.

This model is elongated (70cm) to give you more power and a longer reach thanks to the increased leverage. However, this will reduce the handling, especially for players with a one-handed backhand.

Comfort is a real strong point of this racket thanks to the Kinetic Quadfocus technology, which absorbs vibrations and allows the player to spend less energy. This scientifically proven technology limits the risk of tennis elbow and allows players with arm pain to continue playing.

Player Type:

- Beginner players looking for comfort and power.
- Senior players looking for comfort and maneuverability.
- This racket is particularly recommended in the prevention of tennis elbow.


Kinetic Quadfocus : Addition in the four corners of the racket of Kinetic balls which will absorb the vibrations from the impact between the ball and the racket to completely protect the arm from injuries such as tennis elbow.

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