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Our innovative round-shaped table tennis paddle ensures exceptional performance thanks to optimized weight distribution in the handle. For an excellent control and power characteristic, the shovel is equipped with two layers of 3K carbon that combine with the Soft 30 rubber. The perfect balance between softness and exceptional manageability allows players to obtain high-level results.

  • Two layers of 3K carbon in the top. The blade is hardened by the use of two layers of carbon which gives it greater control and power.
  • Round shape , its optimal point is in the center of the plane.
  • Soft 30 density rubber intended for general play that adapts to any type of player. It contributes to greater ball speed and ease of execution of the shot.
  • - NEW. - NEW. Hex Tech technology applied in the blade plane. New roughness in hexagonal shape directly from the mold which makes it more durable and durable. Furthermore, it helps improve spin on the ball with greater precision anywhere on the plane thanks to its design.
    • - NEW. - No! The Geo Bridge is a new technology applied to the center of the shovel which thanks to its hexagonal shape design offers extra maneuverability in the game which translates into greater ease of movement and accelerates the shovel, obtaining greater power in racing. Furthermore, it decreases the vibrations that are transmitted to the fist.
    • - NEW. - No! Reactive holes are a new technology applied in the blade plane. This new hole map has been designed to optimize the game, giving an advantage in power and control in both defensive and offensive shots.
    • - NEW. - No! Longer Handgrip Technology: 1.5cm length in the fist to make grip more comfortable with two hands.
    • - NEW. - No! Noene Inside is a technology applied to the shovel punch that was developed in collaboration with NOENE. The new Noene Inside StarVie anti-shock padel, exclusively on the brand's shovels and set as standard, absorbs and protects up to 96% of the negative energy generated by shocks and vibrations.
    • Product produced 100% in Spain , Azuqueca de Henares (Guadalajara).





    Soft 30


    3K carbon


    3K carbon


    350-385 g

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