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This padel racket offers medium balance and a large sweet spot to maximize precision and maneuverability in forehand and backhand shots. Thanks to the holes distributed on different faces, it is ideal for backhand and drive positions. A must for experienced players.

This tennis racket is perfect for adult players looking to improve their playing technique and accuracy. Its lightness allows you to develop superior control over the ball, ensuring greater precision in shots. Ideal for those looking for a professional gaming experience.

This tennis racket is unique in its round and black design. The faces show stylized letters "TF" in white, confirming the quality of the TECNIFIBRE brand. With such an elegant and distinctive structure, it will make you stand out on the tennis court.

  • The framework is made of enriched carbon using Carbon Shield XTC technology . This gives it a long useful life, even if subjected to intense and frequent use.
  • The faces are made of fiberglass and have a rough finish to ensure optimal grip on the ball during forehand and backhand shots.
  • The core is made of very soft EVA rubber. This dampens vibrations, allows for faster recovery and reduces the risk of injury.
  • The bridge finish includes the Arch Bridge system which increases stability and control when performing swings .
  • The bridge has two large holes, aligned vertically, to facilitate the passage of air and the exit of the ball.
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