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WILSON CLASH 100 V2 (295g) US Open 2023

WILSON CLASH 100 V2 (295g) US Open 2023

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The Wilson Clash 100 model offers an exceptional gaming experience. Torsional Bending technology ensures control and balance for power and comfort, helping to ensure consistent racquet calibration. Additionally, Wilson is committed to reducing its environmental impact by integrating plant-based materials into the grommet, eyelets and mouthpiece. Great for all levels, the Wilson Clash 100 is child's play!

The Clash 100 US Open is a perfect racket for a wide range of players: from intermediate to advanced level. It is designed to ensure an excellent balance between power, control, comfort and forgiveness. Designed specifically for baseline players, it offers maximum versatility and flexibility.


This patented carbon structure offers a high level of flexibility and impact stability. You will enjoy an incredible blend of power, control and sensitivity.

Parallel drilling

The specific construction of the grommets guarantees a high level of forgiveness and a uniform response across the entire hitting surface. The sweet spot is significantly expanded.

Vertical curvature

The vertical curvature of the frame increases the contact time between ball and string. Ideal for modern gaming, with vertical swings for maximum thrust.

Horizontal folding

The horizontal flex of the racket frame creates unmatched flexibility for greater control on flat shots (horizontal swings).

Torsional bending

The torsional flex significantly stabilizes the racket on off-center shots. This technology corrects the main flaw of the Clash V1. The feel of the racket is more uniform.

Brand name Wilson
Product line Clash
Dominant 1 Versatility
Dominant 2 Comfort
Weight without strings 295g
Equilibrium 31cm
String diagram 16x19
String plate 645cm²
Age Adult
Strung / Unstrung NOT STRONGED
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